Paper Overload Challenge

Is your organization drowning in paper? ITCR can help!

The Challenge: Paper Overload
The more a business grows, the more content it generates. Over time, it becomes challenging for a company to keep up with the creation, management and distribution of content. In an effort to stay organized, many large firms dedicate entire rooms for document storage and hire staff for the management, maintenance and on-demand retrieval of documents. This is a highly inefficient use of time, space, resources and money. So, what’s a growing company to do?

The Solution: ITCR Document Imaging PRO
ITCR specializes in transferring system-generated documents to electronic format and making them accessible to any part of the organization via a service-oriented web interface that can be securely accessed at anytime and from anywhere. Optionally, each document can be associated to a system or record to allow a user to see all other information pertaining to the selected record.

The Benefits
ITCR’s Document Imaging PRO service allows users to quickly find and share your firm’s vital information thereby granting the ability to respond more quickly, efficiently and reliably to client and market demands. It is also an invaluable money and time saver as it allows your company to free up valuable resources by alleviating the organizational and administrative workload associated with the maintenance of physical documentation.

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