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ITCR enhances the way your company does business by providing IT & strategy-driven solutions that complement and maximize the output of your IT and business divisions. Our mission is to serve our clients as a trusted ally, providing them with the loyalty of a business partner and the economics of an outside vendor.

Case Study Summary

Our client was struggling to select a suitable document composition platform to allow it to meet customer needs and reduce operational costs. ITCR proposes a state-of-the-art solution positioning the client to realize savings of $2.5 MM over the first year post-integration.

A North American statement production service provider re-examines its technology platform.

The Problem: Our client’s business depended squarely on its ability to transform its customers’ bills and statements into effective mediums of communication. In order for the business to continue being viable, document design had to be of highest quality and implementations had to be quick. The existing document composition platform was outdated and did not allow the company to meet its customers’ demands from either a design or time-to-market perspectives. Implementations were long and statements dull. A technology revamp was necessary to bring the business up-to-speed. The in-house technology team had been evaluating market alternatives for document composition for some time but could not come to a definitive decision due to organizational challenges. ITCR was engaged to effectively evaluate market alternatives and provide recommendations that would satisfy customer demands while seamlessly integrating into the client’s operating environment.

Our Approach: Having encountered similar problems in our past engagements, we quickly understood that to a large degree, the problem was organizational in nature. There was a clear lack of understanding of what benefits the new technology would yield for the company itself, and most importantly, for its clients. We focused our efforts on demonstrating the gaps in the existing technology and how those gaps would be closed with new tools. Further, we spoke to some of the client’s key customers to really bring to the forefront what their needs were. These findings were highlighted in our analysis and presentations.

Outcome: Our technology recommendations focused heavily on meeting customers’ needs while ensuring long-term feasibility, realizing cost-savings and minimizing operational disruptions. ITCR was engaged to carry out a pilot of the recommended technology tools. The technology is currently being integrated into the client’s operational environment. The company is positioned to realize cost savings of $2.5 MM over the first year post-integration.

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