Strategy & IT Consulting


Strategy & IT Consulting services consist of these critical components:

IT Assessments

Enterprise architectures or networks are not static. They undergo perpetual change and evolution depending on the demands of the business and innovations that become available in the market. As such, these networks require periodical evaluation to ensure peak performance and continued reliability. ITCR specializes in performing infrastructure assessments to help organizations identify gaps, realize cost savings and take advantage of market innovations and emerging trends.


For any technology project to be successful, it will require planning, a lot of it. Without planning, you are effectively setting your project up for failure. However, using internal resources to plan technology projects is not always effective. Because of the nature of technology projects, internal resources have been known to demonstrate resistance. There are many reasons for this - they may be used to the existing technology or their jobs may be on the line. Oftentimes, an external party is better able to handle the planning function. ITCR has considerable experience in executing the planning effort in a manner that aligns the needs of each stakeholder and positions the project for success.

Strategic Alignment

For most businesses, the core function of technology is to support the strategic direction of the organization. However, the IT function is so unique that it often takes a life of its own and loses sight of the overall goals of the organization. The needs and views of the business and IT sides are frequently as divergent as night and day. It takes a true expert to realign both sides so that they start collaborating toward a common goal, the success of the organization. ITCR considers itself to be this missing link and has effectively resolved inter-departmental conflict for a number of clients resulting in increased productivity and measurable gains to the bottom line.